Putting the “Real”
Back in Online Real Estate.


Who are we at TrueDwell? We are a group of real estate professionals who thought it was time to create a Rental Listings Platform that serves both the public looking to rent an apartment and the agents looking to list an apartment. We are a group of brokers and techies with combined 30yrs experience in NYC real estate.


We are sure that you see what we see on other sites and you know that something has to change. Each year in New York there are about 100,000 rental transactions that occur. This means that there are only approximately 8500 available apartments to choose from each month. So how do these other sites have 40,0000 to 100,000+ ads on their website on any given day? The answer is simple really, THE LISTINGS ARE NOT ALL REAL! If you have looked for an apartment in the last 5 years you know how frustrating this can be. You end up sifting through thousands of different ads seeing the same photos with various prices over and over. Once you actually do find one that you like, you contact the agent, only to hear that it was just rented yesterday but they always have something else to show you. We personally understand how frustrating this can be and we decided to really do something about it from the inside out.


  • We built our own database, so we know what is available. NO FAKE PRICES NO FAKE SIZES.
  • We limit the number of redundant ads per actual address. NO SIFTING THROUGH 50 ADS FOR THE SAME APARTMENT.
  • We aggregate listing information from reliable sources.
  • We verify every ad that goes live on our site as being updated within the last 5 days. WE KEEP IT FRESH!
  • We wrapped it all up in an elegant website that is user friendly on both ends. We also created the first user friendly UX for posting an ad from a mobile device standing in the actual apartment. Agents LOVE this feature!

All the ads are actual apartments that are available now. As a direct result the agents do not need to post multiple ads on the same apartment. Our site is the most up to the moment representation of the NYC market. The agents that use TrueDwell are happy because their advertising goes farther and our renters our happy because they only see real apartments, real sizes and real prices. Happy Hunting!